El terapeuta y la muerte

Leyendo un artículo de D.C. Hardy en el último número de The International Journal of Art Therapy Inscape (revista de arteterapia de la BAAT, Asociación Británica de Arteterapeutas) he encontrado esto:

While differing in emphasis, it appears that
Freud and Klein concur that we are the sum of our
losses as well as of our parts. It is logical to
deduce from this that as therapists we are
therefore vulnerable when working with people
who are about to die, since unconsciously we
cannot prevent ourselves from identifying at
some level with these patients. If Freud and Klein
are to be believed, each loss will resonate and
speak to our own. As therapists we are
inextricably bound in the process.

Me parece una reflexión completísima, acertada y en equilibrio perfecto entre lo académicamente bien documentado y la subjetividad del arteterapeuta.

Sigo leyendo y disfrutando de: David Charles Hardy (2013): Working with loss: An examination of how language can be used to address the issue of loss in art therapy, International Journal of Art Therapy: Formerly Inscape, 18:1, 29-37

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